January 2014: Newsletter


By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club | January 2014



Welcome to the Spunky Seniors Club™

Our FIRST Newsletter for 2014

Our Mission

The Spunky Seniors Club™ targets an influential consumer group–the 50+ generation and above, and offers a broad range of products and services from selected businesses that promote an active and healthy lifestyle for our niche.  No matter your activity or fitness level, you’ll find something here to meet your needs in a user-friendly manner.

We connect older adults from all walks of life through social opportunities that extend beyond geographical communities and physical boundaries. We welcome all communities with sedentary seniors to join in on the crème de la crème – we didn’t forget you.  Members in our niche market will keep up with the latest developments in health and wellness, travel, entertainment, Caregiving, recreation, all activities, and so much more.

If you’re not yet 50+, we’re developing a Mentoring Program for the younger generation.  We’d like to start coaching to help men, women, and minorities to have the skills needed for procuring jobs.

Mentees are young men and women who feel stuck in their lives and stuck at the moment.  They’re in dire need of help and advice in getting their careers on the right path.  These men and women want to balance it all — as well as college dropouts — who think it’s lack of knowledge or peer pressure and can’t cope to move forward.

Mentors are people who have the qualities of good role models. They listen, (eye contact and full attention), guide, educate, practical, and give criticism constructively, supportive and accurate — they care and foster success in others, and are admirable.

Mentoring can be accomplished for the younger generation by use of the Spunky Seniors Mentoring Program.  We searched the Internet gathering information, resources and opportunities geared towards your interests and needs. 

We want to graciously improve boomers and active seniors’ lives; one by one by:

  • Motivating their spirits
  • Exploring new interests
  • Get connected to organizations that cater to your generation
  • Focus on issues and activities 
  • Connect with like-minded seniors to continue to stay active, be healthy and have fun

We’re here to help support and offer some of the finer and simple things life have to offer.  

We’ll learn who the boomers and seniors are as we interact with them over time.  We aim to get you motivated, moving and in great shape.  We’ll introduce you to new places of interests, make new friends and exercising to maintain your good health.  We’d like you to browse our Directory Listing within the 12 Regions of NYS and other cities … along with New England and other States to follow.

JOIN US NOW ~ it’s FREE to register, and while you’re there, register to start participating in our Spunky Community Forum.  

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DISCLAIMER:  Please note: Some links will take you off the Spunky Seniors Club’s site, therefore, we’re not responsible for the content.  Please consult with your doctor(s) before starting or engaging in any activities, dietary or medical changes.