May 2014: A Little Awesome


May 2014

A Little Awesone

Whatever is your favorite thing, it can be made little!

Hey there! 
I’m Monica, and I make all of these little things.
I have always been crafty and made clay food for my dolls as a little kid in the mid 80’s. However, I found my true miniature calling in 2008 after seeing a clay cupcake online. It was a pretty basic cupcake design and I said, “I can do that” so I did! 

My work has been recognized in online articles on BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, MSNBC’s Cupcake Take the Cake blog. General Mills, featured an article about my miniature cereal bowl necklaces on their website. In 2012 Franks Red Hot’s Facebook page promoted my popular Franks Red Hot sauce bottle earrings.


Miniature Food & Video Games, Jewelry , Cuff Links & More

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