June 2014: Newsletter



By:  Sheryl Woods | June 2014

Spunky Seniors FUN

Seniors having fun

Spunky Seniors Club® was started by seniors with the aim to have fun, stay healthy and stay in the midst of life, rather than on the sideline.

Designed for the newly retired and actively employed Baby-Boomer and Seniors who is anything but limited, the club offers the opportunity to expand horizons by exploring new interests, achieve lifelong objectives, set a new pace for life and recharge.

After all, seniors and Baby-Boomers are involved, thriving and maximizing their vast life-experiences, and loving every minute of it.

Whether they are still working or not, their minds and bodies are strong and able to participate in such physical activities as exercise classes, road trips, hiking, walking, cycling, tennis, golf and so much more. They are pushing themselves to overcome the outdated image of a senior status and redefining (for themselves) what it means to be 50+ Boomer.

Spunky Seniors Club® is an indispensable One-Stop Resource for the 50+ Baby-Boomers and active seniors. JOIN TODAY!

Father’s Day – The Boomer Way

Celebrate Dad As He Celebrates Another Senior Milestone ~ Make Father’s Day A Benchmark Celebration

Not only is dad looking forward to another June, he’s also looking forward to another Father’s Day.

Sometimes dad gets the short-end of the stick, with children bustling about to give mom recognition, gifts and love during the prior month.

If you could give yourself a pat on the back for the job you did as a parent, or if you are still in the thick of parenting your offspring, then it might be up to you to suggest some ways in which you’d like to celebrate and be celebrated.

Here are some ideas to suggest to your children

  • Allow me to spend time with the grandkids so they can teach me some social media tips
  • Have family scrapbooking hour, where we add photos and text to an existing scrapbook or start a new one
  • Sit and review the boxes of old family photos with me. Let me tell you stories and put names to the faces for you
  • Let’s go to my favorite fishing spot and I’ll teach you how to catch the big one
  • Allow me to share some vignettes from the past, while you record them
  • Visit Lowe’s or Home Depot so we can build something together like a birdhouse or something similar
  • Learn something together such as tap dance, origami or face painting
  • Conduct genealogy research together

June Holidays – Doubling The Fun

Most people are aware of Father’s Day as a time-honored June holiday.

But, there is a whole set of lesser-known holidays during the month of June, and seniors and Boomers this just might be some of the very best celebrants.

  • Harry Truman set aside June 14 as Flag Day.  Fly your flag or return worn out flags to the American Legion or Boy/Girl Scouts of America where they will burn the flags in a formal ceremony on June 14th.
  • June 17 is National Eat Your Vegetables Day.  Combine this with International Picnic Day for a two-fer.
  • June 18 begs for a picnic because it’s International Picnic Day. Read about some ideas in the section below.
  • June 19 is World Sauntering Day. It’s not as if you need permission to walk leisurely without a real purpose, but it’s much more fun if it’s a holiday!
  • Saturday, June 20 marks the Summer Solstice, and the day with the longest hours of sunlight. Throw a celebration that enjoys every minute of the late-day sunlight, wrap up with a bonfire and stargazing.
  • Plan ahead for next year and take a trip to Stonehenge and take the Summer Solstice Tour.
  • National Onion Rings Day is June 22 (but you didn’t hear it here!)

Spice In The Senior Years: Adventures Awaits

In another article in this newsletter are some ideas for how to celebrate some of June’s interesting holidays.  While they carry a dash of spice, here are a few more ideas to add adventure to the spice of summer.


Adventure time can be synonymous with warm or hot summer days. Safe cycling is one idea for summer. With the open air, warm sunshine and a chance to revel in the joy of life, a good sturdy bike, helmet and other safety gear could be a wonderful way to enjoy summer.

Consider cycling to a local coffee shop, antique shop or to a movie theatre. If this challenge is too great, find a place where you can get in some stationary bike time.

If you are looking for something more adventurous, find a bike route in your area, pack a picnic lunch and binoculars and make it a day trip.


black couple at picnic

On June 18, consider celebrating International Picnic Day by having a picnic meal full of sumptuous fare with no salt or pepper.

Instead, use other spices in moderation; such as rosemary, ginger, sage, chipotle paste, and cayenne pepper.  Always pay attention to your personal dietary restrictions before you try something new.

Celebrate the holiday in style by preparing different ethnic foods.  Try a Spanish tapas appetizer, an Italian salad, a Mexican meal and a French dessert – or whatever suits your fancy!

In addition to food, consider packing paddle balls, bubble makers and other items that remind us of childhood fun.  Let your hair down and enjoy.

Unwind on the Hudson

Wine tasting tours, theater on the river, dinner cruises and sunset cruises on the Hudson – what could be spicier?


Get a group together or grab that special someone and sit back and relax. Good food and good company will make for a very special summer adventure.


DISCLAIMER:  Please note: Some links will take you off the Spunky Seniors Club’s site, therefore, we’re not responsible for the content.  Please consult with your doctor(s) before starting or engaging in any activities, dietary or medical changes.