Did I Say Bowling?

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By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | October 2014


It’s October and lots of events are coming up, especially if you live in the New York Regions.  Did you know that October is National Learn to Bowl Month? Well, this might be the right time for you to learn a new sport – – hint, hint, a lot of bowling venues may have discount bowling fees and rentals for seniors and the younger generation throughout the month of October.  

Have you been lazy about going bowling? Has it been a while? Then why not consider participating with some friends or a senior’s bowling group once or twice a week. Sounds cool!!! We’re never too old to bowl.  Age is not a disadvantage to be able to bowl, especially if you can adjust your game to your body.  The older we get, the more difficult things are to achieve.  Bowling can be taken up not only by the younger folks, but it can be enjoyed at 65 and older.  One of our oldest active league bowler passed away at 106 years young. RIP!

Bowling is not only about having fun, it’s another way of getting some exercise and it’s a fantastic stress reliever.  

If you’re a beginner bowler, read these tips for seniors that might give you a heads up on the game, get you motivated as well as Bowling for Dummies.  People of all ages can enjoy bowling and we know you can too. Reading this book will let you know how to find the right bowling ball, what to look for in different types — as well as the proper bowling shoes that is required for all bowling venues.  All bowling venues should have rentals, but most people who love bowling, and go quite frequently, usually purchase their own equipment.  If you and your friends love it so much — put a bowling team together and start bowling.  You might want to call yourselves “The Spunky Bowlers.”

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