Pop the Cap ~ Is it Miller Time?

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By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | December 2014


Pop the Cap! Is it Miller Time?

Are you into the best draft and bottled beers or something stronger? The fact about beer or any liquor is that families, friends and healthcare workers often overlook their concerns about older people drinking.  Many times seniors drinking alcohol is mistaken for other conditions related to aging.  One good example is having problems with balance .. including falls and fracturesaccording to the NIH (National Institution of Health), and car crashes.  The body can change with age by the way alcohol controls it.  It may be different in older people than in younger people.  However, you may have the same drinking habits, but your body has changed. Think about it.

In reality, seniors tend not to drink that much alcohol; if at all … says sociologist David J. Hanson, Ph.D. “Only a little over a half have had an alcoholic drink in the previous months.  Now, that’s not going to do them any good.” There are indeed a lot of health benefits  in moderate drinking.  Believe it or not.

If you drink too much alcohol over a period of time, it can lead to possible cancer of the liver; your immune system may start to have a disorder, and you may get brain damage.  It may also worsen some of your health conditions, like your high blood pressure.  And lastly, older people can be forgetful and confused — these symptoms could mimic the start of Alzheimer’s.  And certainly you don’t want that to happen. AskMen how much is too much alcohol. 

So how much are you chugging down?

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