iPad: Meet the 50 Plus Generation

By: aG | Spunky Seniors® Club | March 2014 


The 50+ Generation is utilizing the iPad in more ways than one.  They’re also using different types of Tablet by other companies that are useful to them.  When it comes to tablets, it’s your choice.  According to a study by eMarketer, iPad use among boomers and seniors grew 190% in 2011.  It’s one of today’s most popular technology/media tools that have taken the 21st Century by storm.  It’s a revolutionary device, lightweight and portable and offers unique ways to tap into the online world.  The iPads are very attractive in designs with incredibly high-resolution displays.

A lot of Apps seem to rule the iPad. The 50+ Generation, will ultimately learn this and the strength of the iPad; and take advantage of the iTune app stores to get the right set of tools to transform the iPad into nearly anything they desire.  Google Earth, is a free app for Android smart phones that’s very intriguing — it shows every inch of the world.  OR download for OS the iPhone and iPad.

Downloading the Microsoft Word app will give you the ability to do the following — since it’s not pre-installed on the iPad.

  • Create documents
  • Change page layout
  • Work with images
  • Take photos and sync photos from other devices
  • Editing and much more …

Why Boomers and Seniors buy iPads

The 50+ Generation is embracing the iPad as a welcome alternative to the intricacy of the typical desktop or laptop computer. They’re using it for reading books and magazines, enjoying the latest myriad of movies, to taking control of their photos, music collections, managing their finances, keeping track of the weather, as well as staying in touch with family and friends. Let me surprise you with my favorite free app.  Enjoy !!!

Even if you’re already an iPad owner OR considering taking the plunge, the iPad for the 50+ Generation is easy to master and to explore a tremendous amount of possibilities it has to offer.

Boomers and seniors often find themselves the butt of jokes when it comes to technological ineptitude. The truth is, they have as much of an interest in technology as anybody else, especially when it comes to the iPad.  As we grow older, our priorities tend to change.  Older people often find themselves seeking products that are powerful, yet easy to use, not only out of a desire to simplify, but because they can often afford exactly what they want.  Not every iPad will do for a discerning crowd of seniors.  They are looking for a product that works well, and can also provide access to books and videos with the competence to communicate with family.  The iPad is changing how we live and work amongst other things.  We rely on its power and versatility to write, shoot videos with the power to edit the films in a matter of days.

The Mini iPad for Boomers & Seniors

The Mini iPad has its negativities with lots of sophomoric humor about the product’s name, but all in all, it has a reputation for its simplicity, reliable operation, and an app selection that remains superior to the competition.

Learning how to use the iPad

You’ll learn everything you need to know about purchasing and utilizing the iPad along with accessories. (Watch the video below)

  • Setting up, configuring, and connecting your iPad
  • Finding, acquiring, and using iPad Apps, the programs that run on the iPad
  • Accessing the Web, email, your favorite social networking sites and so much more …

Video by: Worth Godwin

What’s the iPad got that the 50+ Generation might like?

Well, first read this article about the three things that the iPads do well for boomers and seniors.  Plus, if seniors really want to get savvy, they can download Amazon’s apps for free.  This will leave them in awe. You won’t leave home without it.

Traveling iPads

Seniors travel everywhere with their iPads when they go on vacations … to beaches, camping, RV campsites and cruises.  We find that they download countless apps with endless possibilities if they’re sporting the latest iPad Air 2.  There are apps for keeping track of the news that most television stations have for free download directly from their website ~ keeping you in touch with all news and weather in and around the world where ever you are.  If you’re a businessman or an investor, there’s an app for you to stay connected with the Wall Street Journal.

More apps like the Uber, AirBnB, and Nest for the 1% are of great interest as well; take a look.  Also, there are many apps, too many to name, especially for those that are into emailing, videos and video games.  And when it comes to security apps, you can be covered ~ for as little as $0.99.

That’ll be my claim to fame: My grandmother-in-law is the oldest iPad user! Daniel Clowes

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