Porsche CayenneS


By: aG Spunky Seniors Club® | June 2015


The Porsche CayenneS comes in seven models, from the basic Cayenne to the CayenneS and the Turbo S, including a hybrid model, each progressively more expensive. Prices range from approximately $58,000 to over $157,000. Let’s discuss the CayenneS Titanium.

Introduced in 2002, the CayenneS was a hit from day one, despite Porsches’ enthusiast turning an initial “turned up nose” to the model for departing from the ‘sports car’ heritage of the company. As it turned out, the models have almost saved the company from bankruptcy or takeover threats due to its brisk sales.

white-porsche-cayennes-300x169The popularity of the vehicle, I believe, is that the Porsche engineers have managed to infuse the Porsche ‘feel’ into the CayenneS with its responsive handling, thrill of driving and full out get up and go. I have heard that the standard V6 in the base model may not deliver what most would expect from a Porsche, but the V8 in the S model delivers the goods. I can only imagine the power of the Turbo since the S has plenty of power from the start as well as high-end power.

The interior is what you would expect from a high-end car with heated leather seating for five, with fold down rear seats. Of course, there are upgrades such as a panoramic roof, but the standard features will keep you busy – refrigerated glove box, dual temperature controls, universal remote controller, 100-watt stereo output’ Bluetooth wireless data link and so much more. It even has space  in the cargo compartment for plugging in a cooler. How cool is that!

Overall, I give the Porsche CayenneS two thumbs up especially since I have found the cost of ownership to be painless & easy on the pocket book – but let’s not talk about the initial price – after all ~ it’s a Porsche!


Porsche is a two syllable word ~ listen


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