January 2016: Lost Dog Cafe

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Visiting Binghamton, NY? Then check out this cute Cafe’ – It’s Gluten Free.

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Here are three reviews!

We were walking around downtown Binghamton like lost dogs until we came across the Lost Dog Cafe
There was no dog food on the menu, unfortunately, but we ate here anyway and the service and human food was very good.  If you bark once, they will refill your water. If you bark twice, they will bring you the dessert menu, if you bark three times they will bring you the check, and if you dare to bark four times, they will leash you and tie you up to a pole outside — so behave yourself!

Ruff……Ruff…..My Vet told me….Eat Gluten Free…..Ruff…..Ruff


One of my favorite restaurants. Great atmosphere, great service and great food. I’ve tried many different things here, but the rigatoni a la vodka is one of my favorites. The PMS is also very good for dessert.  When my brothers and their wives are in town this is usually our go to place, they really enjoy it. Great drink selection. Definitely recommend!


A quick walk from the Doubletree Hotel. Not going to lie, I was very skeptical about eating here and was not really dazzled with the menu. I could not decide what I was going to have until the waiter was ready to take my order. My mind was made up that I was going to have the Reward (seared turkey, bacon and jack cheese on french bread). Just at that second I turned my head and saw the specials, instantaneously I changed my mind. The Mango Habanero pulled pork with slaw on a bun had me hook, line and sinker. I was so looking forward to my lunch now. This sandwich was awesome, the spice and the sweet combo were perfect. I inhaled my sandwich. The pork was succulent, and the heat has been just where it needed to be. My only regret is that I will probably never be in the area again to have this delicious sandwich. It was that good, if it a special when you come here I highly recommend you order it.

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