How to Make your Bathroom work for you


By: aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | March 2016Handicap

Aging? Disabilities? Unhappy with Your Bathtub & Toilet?

How is your bathtub and toilet working out for you? Many YouthGenarians (The 50+ Generation) are finding it harder to get in and out of a standard tub as well as getting on and off a regular toilet seat. What once worked, now presents a challenge.  

A bathroom designed for a young family is entirely different for people that are aging or disabled.  Your bathroom should reflect age and handicapped specific needs.  If you love a luxurious bath and bathing safely, but can’t step over the high slippery ledge of a regular tub – – then a walk-in tub might be the answer.  The characteristics of walk-in tubs are different than your standard tubs. They’re wide with a leakproof door that allows you to take a safe small step to enter the tub rather than climbing over the tub precariously. They have ergonomically designed seats and controls, a skid-resistant tub floor surface, grab bars and anti-scald water temperature protection.

Remodeling for Comfort

If you’re remodeling your private bathroom and converting it into a comfortable age-related or handicap-accessible space, complete with all the necessary appliances, this can be a DIY project if you are handy.  Or if you prefer to hire a contractor, look for one who specializes in home remodeling for the aging and disabled.  They’re often familiar with the latest safety features and can help you decide what will work for your bathroom.

As you consider remodeling and go from outdated to upgraded, you may be surprised to find how affordable bathroom safety modifications can be.  Modern technology offers many options for greater accessibility.  Your days are over for crawling over the ledge of the tub or falling from the low toilet seat; you won’t have to hire home care to help you bathe and thereby lose your sense of privacy and independence.  You won’t have to move to an upscale assisted living community and leave your home.  All it takes is a bathroom remodel.  Get a quote for a walk-in tub and see how easy it can be to age in place and be disabled in place.

Healing Hydrotherapy

Walk-in tubs can serve as a healing therapy for those with mobility problems, chronic pain or flexibility issues.  Relaxing and soaking in hot water has been embraced by many cultures around the world.  Picking out a tub with these features can turn your bathroom into a rejuvenating hydro-therapeutic home spa.

The Right Toilet

New designs range from round to elongated seats and different shapes can maximize the amount of space in your bathroom.  If lowering yourself to reach the height of a conventional toilet seat is difficult, an elevated toilet seat will increase your safety and comfort.  Toilets come in a variety of styles with features to accommodate your needs.  They include one-and two-piece toilets, eco-friendly toilets, and dual flush toilets with lower water consumption.  Choose wisely and your new toilet should serve you for years to come.  Handicap toilets allow people that have mobility issues the ability to use the bathroom with dignity and privacy.  Enabling someone who is disabled the freedom to manage on their own without assistance is important to their sense of identity and self-esteem.  This is a common concern for disabled individuals; one person described having easy access as a “feeling of pure confidence.” 

Consider A Bidet

If you’re buying a new toilet, why not try something different that may make life easier ~ the toilet bidet combination.  While Americans are generally turned off by the idea of using a waste disposal system that requires no toilet paper, and usually prefer the typical toilet instead ~ a toilet bidet can simplify your personal hygiene routine.  Both preferences are based on your cultural habits and upbringing.  In the USA, the bidet toilet combo is rapidly gaining popularity as more people are introduced to its benefits.  Those who are handicapped often find a combination toilet, bidet easier to use.  This type of system merges the best of both the traditional commode and French bidet toilet into one unit.

Safety Railings

When we’re unsure or losing our balance, we automatically reach out with our hands. Trying to steady yourself by grabbing a slippery tiled wall. Install safety railings, grab bars, and shower chairs to protect you from falling. These can make life much easier in the bathroom environment. Side railings decrease the chance of falls when using the toilet and provide support as you get up and down. People confined to wheelchairs find it easier to transfer with these safety railings.

Easy Maintenance

Walk-in tubs are very easy to maintain since most, if not all, are built with state-of-the-art acrylic surfaces that are non-porous, scratch-resistant, and make cleaning a breeze without a lot of elbow grease.  Toilets and bidets are very easy to clean and low maintenance.  So, protect your independence and enjoy your bath and bathroom like never before.

I grew up with six brothers. That’s how I learned to dance – waiting for the bathroom.

—-Bob Hope

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