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VACATIONBy: aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | January 2015

 Best Vacation Spots for Boomers & Seniors 

If you’re a baby Boomer or senior yearning to bathe in the sun, ski on the powdered slopes or hit some tennis balls — when choosing from these types of vacations, the only limit is your budget and imagination. If you’re a travel buff, London, Italy, Paris, New York, and China are all top destinations, but if you’re a globe-trotting YouthGenarian (The 50+ Generation) eager to try new adventures, consider these great vacation spots you may have missed.  We’re here to help narrow down your choices and guide you toward the kind of travel that Spunky Seniors prefer.

Outdoor lovers whose motto is “let it snow” may find this gorgeous winter hideaway the ideal private retreat

Adventurous Spirits

If you want to indulge your inner Indiana Jones, consider a vacation that offers exploration and adventure.

Have you been planning vacations that are age appropriate and best suited to your level of activity and mobility? Then you might be overlooking a key element of a great vacation — one which feeds your spirit. Building your vacation around personal goals of growth and experience can lead to extraordinary moments that will inform the rest of your life.

While younger travelers look for nightlife and partying, older travelers seek out places that offer something more ~ perhaps a touch of the miraculous, places that enhance our knowledge, a little offbeat, eccentric or steep in the divine.  Here are some options for vacations that feed the spirit.

While YouthGenarians (The 50+ Generation) are likely to be a bit less risk-taking in their vacation plans, others can be overly adventurous.  A vacation in Bhutan can incorporate adventure, new sights and sounds, and cultural exploration. 

Get out of your Comfort Zone

Feel like getting out of your comfort zone? Then view your vacation as a chance to try new things ~ go right ahead and dive into a few unusual activities. While it may be safer to stick with what you know, and head for that tennis court or golf course that’s nearby, why not redefine yourself with a once-in-a-lifetime activity like bungee jumping or scuba diving? You’ll never know unless you try.

Travel by Rail

While most people think of air travel and long car rides when they think of vacations, an unusual mode of travel that combines adventure and transportation is riding the rails.  Worldwide, there are dozens of spectacular train routes that are a vacation in and of themselves.  You can make train travel fun and romantic whether traveling through the U.S. or abroad.

Go leaf peeping or ride along the Historic Hudson River on these New York State scenic train routes.  And with stopovers and transfers in the major cities, you’ll have time to seek out great restaurants with superb local cuisine, enjoy the sights and have the freedom to relax.  Amtrak offers the best routes across the U.S,  and their website is an excellent resource for planning.

Road Trip!

Road trip, vacations – – if you’re looking for the perfect road trip, they’re right here in the good old USA. The most famous cross country route is historic Route 66.  There are other great America road trips you can take, or if you want the comforts of home and have the time to travel at a more leisurely pace, you might tour the countryside via RV.  Take a look at some of the best RV trips in the U.S.

Northern California’s wine country is a top destination for YouthGenarians (The 50+ Generation).  Getting a vacation package is easy.  If you’re thinking about going to Florida, think GOLF.  Florida has 75 top public golf courses which make it very hard to decide which one to pick.  And, if you like the water and enjoy a variety of adventures along with great food and drink, a cruise might be for you.  But, if you’re not afraid of solo vacations, you might want to try a single’s cruise to exotic places of interest.

YouthGenarians (The 50+ Generation) that are adventurous enough to leave the USA and explore other parts of the world are bound to find breathtaking activities to indulge.

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