Art Bars & You: A Place to Pursuit

Underwater Art

This piece of art was drawn underwater by artist: Nick Peters, dec’d

By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | April 2016

Are you a YouthGenarian (The 50+ Generation)? Gone are the days when you used to run frantically from one job to the next because you had to pay the bills and take care of the kids.  Now that you’re retired, your time is fully your own, so get into something fun and invigorating that helps you physically as well as mentally.  Get up off the couch – round up your friends and head straight to an Art Bar.  It’s one of the latest craze.  You’ll find Art Bars can be a lot of fun, not only just for drinking, eating and making friends, but to enjoy the beautiful artwork from various artists.

Art Bars are totally becoming a thing all around America, giving boomers and seniors a chance to co-mingle with each other amidst art, food, and refreshing cocktails.  Find an art bar within your region; Art on Tap has monthly Guy’s Night where they paint artwork, FREE!

The History of Art Bars dates back to the Cedar Tavern back in 1866, and it’s the best art years in the 1950s when people drank alcohol and talked about art.  The next art bar that gained popularity was by Mickey Ruskin; Max’s Kansas City on Park Avenue South in NYC.  Max’s quickly became a hangout of choice for artists and sculptors of the New York School, like John Chamberlain (sculptor), Robert Rauschenberg (American Painter/Artist) and Larry Rivers (American Artist), whose presence attracted hip celebrities and the jet set. Max’s Kansas City started out in 1965 because there were a lot of artists and photographers in the area at the time.

ChowChow Art

We often wonder how these Art Bars evolved over time and what makes them so unique in American culture. And was there a double standard by which bars were policed? We can ask many questions about bars doing that era, but here are some answers and more that you’ll love to read.

Today, art is no longer a geographic concept, but is egalitarian for sure.  Even though Art Bars are less central than before, you’ll still find several bars where parties are being held that include celebrities, musicians, artists, and even dancers.

So why are you waiting? Check out these Top Art Bars in America and have a blast!  

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