Auto Insurance: Are You Covered?


By: aG | Spunky Seniors Club® Club | May 2016 

With today’s technology, many YouthGenarians (The 50+ Generation), are assessing their driving skills to find the right car insurance coverage.  They are lucky because there’s an App that can help with car insurance quotes and it’s FREE for seniors seeking discounts.  Seniors are finding affordable insurance package deals so they won’t have financial problems down the road with monthly payments. Remember that different states have different rates for YouthGenarians. Check your state for the rates, rules and regulations.  In some US states, if a senior takes a drivers safety course, many insurance companies will give a discount — if you are interested in taking the safety course test, think about the discount you’ll receive for your auto insurance.  A few seniors are unable to pass the drivers safety course test, so they end up without receiving a discount with car insurance companies.  What do they do? See the video below — it might give you enough information to enable you to pass the test — you can call around for auto insurance, but do expect that it’ll be a daunting task due to too many companies to browse through.  The best solution to finding the best discounts is to keep your eyes open for advertisements or ask friends, co-workers and families. You have options to stop and go with this course until you have completed it. 

Seniors Driving Fast Cars vs Sports Cars

You’re in your fifties, and you don’t drive a sports car? Hellllo ~ many YouthGenarians 65+ are driving sports cars — is it drive for show or just to go? Take a look.

According to the Consumer Report, it’s a simple fact of life: Many seniors begin having limitations long before they lose their driving ability.  Age takes its toll on flexibility and vision, signifying that a lot more senior drivers are experiencing an increased challenge getting in and out of their vehicles and not being able to see properly. Auto manufacturers are trying to make user-friendly cars for YouthGenarians that are not interested in driving sports or fast cars. — Discount Code: PRESTO

To attract men, I wear a perfume called ‘New Car Interior.’ —Rita Rudner

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