Music: Entertaining the 50+

Entertaining the 50 plus

By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club™ | October 2014

Music soothes the soul … it can be a salvation and antidote to most psychological challenges.  Music is most often overlooked as being therapeutic … however — it’s not the only form of entertainment for the 50+ Generation of Seniors and Boomers.  

If you were born in the era of boomers and seniors, you’ll still find a variety of things seniors can do for entertainment; like aerobic and hitting the gym for a good workout, to dancing and playing sports.  Many of them do not care for board games according to Cochran et al. Bingo is not something they want to get involved in because they feel healthy and very youthful and have the need for something more spunky. They desire activities like sports car racing, obstacle courses, playgrounds for seniors, golfing, tennis, and of course swimming to get a whole body workout. These individuals are fighters; they’re always looking for fun activities to do in and around their state, region or county and even traveling to seek out something new and adventurous. They do this because they have the money to spend and looking for a good time. Take a look.

Seniors, like boomers, have their families and friends to do things with especially when their grand kids are involved to entertain them with their singing and dancing. The family welcomes them with house parties during inclement weather and when the weather is nice, they entertain with backyard BBQ, birthday parties, anniversaries, and wedding parties during the spring and summer. There are so many ways to entertain the 50+ Generation to make them happy.

There are various nightclubs in NYC and all around, with one being the most notable — the Legendary and Cosmopolitan Night Club – The Copacabana — a place where you can find many boomers and seniors listening and dancing to Latin music.  


If you’re a Boomer or a senior, get out of the house and kick up your heels.  Catch a bit of entertainment with other harmonious people by taking in a comedy club, an opera, or even a comedy movie. Try it — you’ll like it.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” 
― Bob Marley

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