Technology and Seniors: Just Loving it!

Technology and SeniorsBy:  aG | Spunky Seniors lub® | May 2016

Is it true that an electric toothbrush is preferred by our YouthGenarians (The 50+ Generation), rather than a manual toothbrush?  They are getting interested and learning the latest advanced technologies, and they’re learning how to use them.  FAST!

Seniors and boomers are using smartwatches, smartphones, and various other tech devices. The devices used by the younger generation, is consumed by our boomers and seniors because they are wanting to keep up with the latest technology and they enjoy it because in their minds, it’s a convenience for them in the 21st Century.  It’s quite a laudable thing as it’s long overdue.  Many years ago, everyone used to believe seniors were not interested in technology;  but seniors have changed tremendously. Seniors are more willing to embrace technology as long as it helps them achieve their needs.  What a way to go!

There’s another piece of technology we’d like to introduce you to — that is the SingFit Prime. It’s a music-therapist designed cognitive and physical stimulation program — crafted especially for the senior living industry. You can visit the site here or download the FREE App from the iTune store. If you sing on a regular basis, it can be a way to relieve stress, elevate your mood and create greater focus!  

Must-Have Technology for the 50+ Generation

Tablets and iPads: Tablets and iPads provide the kind of games that enhances brain fitness as well as apps that track health information.  Using these tablets and iPads can have a positive impact on seniors and boomers lives. With these devices, seniors can view photos conveniently and listen to music. The more they get used to using these types of technology, the more they gravitate to using them as a form of a computer for other purposes. These devices are lightweight with touchscreen and adjustable fonts for ease of use.

Hearing Aids: There has always been the excuse that hearing aids are bulky and too big, but now these devices have been miniaturized with wireless transmissions.  Hearing aids can now be made transparent, tiny and almost invisible or even implanting the hearing aid inside of the ear.

Medical Alert Devices: There’s a need for a few seniors or the physically challenged to have a medical alert device for emergency use when it comes to their health, falling or theft. It’s a device that you wear around your neck as a pendant, and since it’s not for any other functions, when pushing the button, it alerts for help. These devices are programmed by the company you purchase them from by sending a signal of the proper location asking for help. 

Other great products that don’t require a high level of technical expertise to operate is the Marjorie Skubic’s remote sensor network.  It monitors seniors in their  home with the use of motion sensors. And, if you think video games are just for kids, teens and tweens, think again.  We introduce you to Microsoft’s Kinect, — where seniors and boomers can stay in shape with various video games.  Also by Microsoft’s Kinect, is a sensor which is placed under the bed to monitor respiration and restlessness during sleep.  The objective is to detect health problems or injuries early so they don’t get worse. The good thing about this piece of technology is that there’s no interaction for seniors to use this device.

However, the biggest problem being faced by seniors getting incorporated into the fold of technology is that most companies target the younger generation. Hopefully, down the road, there will be companies creating all types of gadgets geared for our YouthGenarians (50+ Generation).  Yes !!! Keeping Up With the Younger Generation!!!

However, with the interest and the craze for tech by seniors, there are a number of gadgets they can utilize.  The latest technology in today’s 21st Century for seniors keeps them engaged, connected, mentally active, and physically safe, making  it more and more essential for loved ones to be in the high-tech circle of other tech-savvy YouthGenarians. (The 50+ Generation).

Video and Computer Games:  These video games supposedly boost brainpower.  And lots of seniors are known for having fun with video games such as World of Warcraft, Angry Birds, or the Nintendo Wii. Playing these video games have been proven to improve cognition, mental activeness, and even their physical health. They can also improve their level of social interaction while engaging in video games played online with other people.

Health Tracking Software: Seniors should be availed with software that can be used to monitor their health, by reminding them of their medications and tracking their nutritional needs. These softwares can be installed on smartphones and helps seniors take charge of their wellness.

And then there is Skype: Interacting with family members has never been made easier with this FREE App for Skype. Seniors can see their loved ones and grandkids in real time and send free messages. You can download the software on your tablet, iPad, smartphone, as well as your desktop or laptop computer.

Other devices that should be embraced by seniors are, Wireless Home Security home monitoring system and Home Assistive Devices. 

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