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By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | June 2016

Men hitting the big five ooooh — Don’t stop the clock — you’re just putting your aging process in reverse. 

It’s been said that the average man starts to have problems with his knees when he’s in his fifties and that the knees starts to make a cracking sound when going up and down stairs and walking.  Is this fictitious or  real? Regardless, if you feel that your knees are cracking, then cardiovascular fitness may be the fix — not only will it give your knees a rest, it’s good for your heart.  Some good aerobic exercises that’ll give the knees a rest are cycling, swimming, and rowing.  Find the one that’s right for you.  Man rowing

In researching, here are some facts about how good aerobic exercise is according to MedicineNet.

  • Aerobic exercise is sometimes known as “cardio”- an exercise that requires pumping of oxygenated blood from the heart to deliver oxygen to working muscles.  
  • Aerobic exercise stimulates the heart rate and breathing rate to increase in a way that can be sustained for the exercise session.  In contrast, anaerobic (“without oxygen”) exercise is activity that causes you to be quickly out of breath, like sprinting or lifting a heavy weight.  
  • Aerobic exercise not only improves fitness; it also has known benefits for both physical and emotional health.
  • Aerobic exercise can help prevent or reduce the chance of developing some cancers, diabetesdepressioncardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.
  • An aerobic exercise plan should be simple, practical, and realistic. Specific equipment (such as cardio machines) may be used, but is not necessary for successful aerobic exercise.

Exercising makes it possible for you to prevent a decline in your metabolism, testosterone, growth hormone, muscle mass, flexibility and bone mass according to experts. 

Are You Aerobically Fit?  

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Are You Eating Breakfast?

Studies found that older men were unsuccessful in taking their daily amount of folic acid, and the reason for this is that they weren’t eating breakfast at all.  As some of us know, when it comes to eating cereal, they’re fortified with folic acid.  Also, in buying cereal, just make sure it’s also fortified with B12 — a vitamin that helps the body absorb folic acid and also make sure that the cereal is high in fiber and low in sugar.

Fat and Fit

In an article for MensHealth, it says  “Carry a few too many extra pounds around your middle, and all the burpees and bike rides might not be enough to save you:  It’s more dangerous to be obese than it is to be inactive, a new study from Sweden suggests.”   Read more right here!

My idea of exercise is a good brisk sit.
– Phyllis Diller

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