Healthy Skin for the Aging

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By: aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | July 2016

There’s nothing more important than taking care of your skin while aging.  Bad skin care may be subjected to skin diseases as well as skin infections.  And this may all be due to skin changes as well as outdoor/indoor tanning.  We tend to develop dry itchy skin with scaling —  sometimes with a severe skin infection or a non-healing sore.  Inova: A non-healing or chronic wound is defined as a wound that does not improve after four weeks or does not heal in eight weeks.

I once worked with a dermatologist and learned of these skin problems that some older people faces today:

  • Senile Purpura, which are purple spots that can appear on the arms and legs and this is due to our skin being very thin. 
  • Stasis Dermatitis, dry itchy skin, that’s more common in senior women than in senior men.
  • Exfoliative Dermatitis, this is a skin condition characterized by excessive skin peeling and shedding not to mention the itching.
  • Viral skin disorders which we have heard so much about is shingles and herpes zoster.

Be comfortable in your skin and don’t fear aging.  Know that our skin goes through many changes throughout the aging process and one change, in particular, is the sun and indoor tanning.  Tan skin is not healthy skin due to tanning, whether indoor or outdoor.  It’s beautiful but is it healthy? The Skin Cancer Foundation indicates that we should all use sunscreen when tanning as well as using these preventive guidelines — preventing skin cancer.  Maintaining healthy skin is also cultivating a healthy lifestyle.  Some of the things to consider are:

  • Don’t bathe or shower too much
  • Use hydrating moisturizer
  • Limit sun exposure, always use sunblock
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat a lot of fruits and veggies
  • Keep stress level down

Age-related changes in the skin mean you are at increased risk of skin breakdown, and one should maintain good skin health – granted the Nurses Time.  There are 5 keypoints:

  1. Age-related changes reduce the ability of the skin to perform its barrier function
  2. Skin health is essential to the wellbeing of older people
  3. Nurses are in the unique position of having regular opportunities to assess older people’s skin
  4. Skin care regimens should be individualized ensuring skin is clean and dry and that adequate emollients are used
  5. Older people should be supported to self-manage their skin care as much as possible

Maintain great looking skin as you age, because taking care of the skin usually, is not costly or difficult.  If you have the skills, confidence and knowledge, caring for your skin is easy breezy — no matter the age. 

So, while we’re aging, let’s keep our skin intact.  One good way to start is to promote self-care while using the most convenient products.

“I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of make-up” – Demi Moore

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