Rekindling the Romance

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By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | August 2016

Shhh… it’s a secret!

Have we got some cozy spots for you to rekindle your romance with loved ones; all in a unique way — all over again.  You gotta be spunky, and it’s not what you think, to enjoy these unique vacations that you’ll never forget.  We only live once!

Outside of your home, there are many beautiful places to be with the one you love, and we’ll give you a few, according to the Thrillist.  First, set the tempo and map out a fantastic romantic trip — locally or abroad.  If your travels take you throughout different demographics, we’ve got you covered.  Whether it’s your first romantic date, your 50th Anniversary or your monthly date out, cozy up with some good food and drinks — it’s never too late to surprise the love of your life to a delightful and a unique romantic getaway.

Many moons ago, restaurants seem like the only other place where boomers and seniors ventured for a11920550 - portrait of happy mature couple skiing outside momentous occasion.  Like a romantic dinner. But in today’s world, it’s different, and the 50 plus crowd is daring.  So, in the 21st Century, what could be better outside of that romantic dinner? Sharing the ocean and sunshine at a fearless resort or skiing the slopes for the 50 plus snow enthusiast? Wait, there’s much more for the 70+ seniors who’s the NEW 50’s in the 21st Century.  “YouthGenarians.”  They’re rocking the slopes locally and internationally!  Why not join them? I will !!!!

No matter what’s the season, whether it’s local or far away, there’s invariably romantic lodging and restaurants available for special occasions with your loved ones or with your spunky friends.  And don’t forget, many restaurants have discounts for boomers and seniors, especially in the summer months.  Don’t be afraid to ask.

LODGING/RESTAURANTS ~ Now if you really want to get daring or fancy, here’s some doozies  — get crazy and knock yourself out at these restaurants and go for something fancy;  When it’s over — check out and book one of the darings below OR try all of them on different nights.  You owe it to yourself.  


→ Go off the grid in an eco-cabin
→ Shack up in a barn with a fire pit and outdoor shower 
→ Stay in a 19th-century carriage house with a pool 
→ Stay active on a bike retreat 
→ Snuggle up in a cemetery 
→Travel back in time in the Catskills

FANCY ~ is for those who wish to go around the world and for those who prefer to stay within the US.   

Attire? ~ There’s no need for excuses when it comes to what to wear, slip into those beautiful heels and little black dress.  Wear that fancy shirt and jacket with those shiny shoes.  Then, park yourself into an awe-inspiring restaurant of your choice for the evening.  First time at a fancy restaurant? No problem!  Tips!

“Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

~ Mark Twain

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