Eating Well ~ In the 21st Century

By: aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | September 2016

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We all eat every day, but we all sometimes get quite confused with what to eat and what not to eat.  In spite of all we know about nutrition, diet, and theories, we are still dumbfounded about eating the right food so that we can live a long and healthy life.  It’s been a long journey trying to configure the best nutritional food, and all I can say is that — we have come from a long way with how it influences our well-being.

What food work best for your body does not work for everyone.  In researching, we found what food causes sickness and diseases and how to dodge them. 

How to make your meal planning work for you

Creating your meal plans includes shopping for your food and preparing your meals.  What you are opting for with meal planning is to improve your mental clarity, your energy level, and your ideal overall health. 

Caution:  When eating well, many people tend to have dietary restrictions that can pose many issues if medical conditions throw a wrench at you.  However, one can still eat well no matter the issue.  There are ways to make sure that you are able to gain the upper hand.  Eating well and staying healthy does not have to break the bank.  If you know how to shop for the right food at reasonable prices, you can eat well and spend less.  It all starts by figuring out what food is best for your needs, then balancing the food to 100% for your enjoyment.  You may achieve this by simply checking out a few tips and tricks.


“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for the survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

The Key Is Food Balance

The balancing act of foods is not an impossible task.  In today’s 21st Century, not only do kids love self-balancing food but adults do as well.  You just have to rethink how you eat, what you eat, and how it’s prepared. 

Simple substitutions, new ventures, and much more awaits you if you just seek out a little food balancing moving forward.

Good Taste Doesn’t Mean Rabbit Food

A lot of people assume that by “diet” or even “lifestyle change,” one must go to an extreme. That’s not true. You do not have to worry about only being relegated to celery sticks and water.  Too often that’s the fear that people have when mentioning cutting back on certain food, and perhaps going on a diet.  Instead, think of how farm to table freshness has increased the levels of tasty recipes, and food, without sacrificing taste.

The old adage,  necessity is the mother of invention,” rings true in the world of food.  When you look to reduce fat, for instance, you’ll find many food that taste amazing has fat, and yet they’re still healthy.  So, does that mean fat is back

There is no reason that you should sacrifice comfort, even at 50+ and beyond.


“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.”

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