Gluten-Free Eating: Confused?

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By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | October 2016

A Brief Synopsis

According to a Medical Daily article, Gluten-Free Diet Does Not Make You Healthier: Only People With Celiac Disease Should Go Gluten-Free.  Hmm, let’s take the ‘I wonder why ‘ out of your mind by reading this article and see if you agree.

Researching further, we also found that millions of people are changing the way they eat to a more healthier eating habit while a lot are opting for gluten-free – including boomers and seniors – also known as our YouthGenarians.  Before going gluten-free, there are a few things to consider because doctors have caution that gluten-free is not for everybody.  If you’re not having medical issues to call for gluten-free eating, then speak with your doctor before taking the potential risk it may or may not have on your health.  It seems from research, that gluten-free is basically for those suffering from some form of medical disease such as celiac.  Ask yourself: Is a gluten-free diet harmful? Take a look.  Going gluten-free may seem like a fad, but for some people it’s absolutely necessary.  So is this good for you and is it good for boomers and seniors? 

What is Gluten anyway and where is it found?

According to researchers, Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat (durum, emmer, spelt, farina, farro, KAMUT® khorasan wheat and einkorn), rye, barley and triticale.  Most people can’t give a satisfactory answer as to what really is gluten.  What we know is that gluten helps food maintain their shape, acting as a glue that holds food together and this!


So, do you need a gluten-free diet?  Do you know how to recognize gluten intolerance? Best of all, do you know what a gluten-free diet is? These are just some questions you should seek the answers to before starting this type of diet.  

“Who even *heard* of gluten till a few years ago?” 
― Donald MarguliesThe Country House

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