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By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | November 2016

Did you know that skiing for spunky seniors is the hottest new thing in the 21st Century?

One good reason is that it has its benefits.  56431817 - easier ski slope trail signDepending on your age, many resorts will make lifts FREE, with discounts on rentals and lodges.  But let’s face it — before heading out to the slopes, ask yourself, can I do this? Can I actually go downhill? The answer is – YES you can, just follow the green dot.  Having the endurance to ski comes with stamina.  

I see skiing for YouthGenarians as sexy, cool, raw, real and beautiful ~ but fast and risky.  YET, we beg to ask – is skiing senior friendly? Well, if you started out at a young age and kept it up, you know how to stay safe on the slopes with all the modern technology.  Note that if you’re between 70-80s, don’t expect to ski like when you were much younger.  You are 50+.  Keep it real by not hitting the moguls or the steepness – keep it wide open because … at the end of the day — skiing is simply all about the love of skiing.  

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There’re many ski resorts that caters to the 50+ generation ~ known as YouthGenarians – the word coined by the owner of the Spunky Seniors Club®.  YouthGenarians are able to ski anywhere in the world because they love the sport, financially independent and very active in it.  Matter of fact, ski resorts are opening up all over the country waiting for this group.  Many ski resorts offer great deals with their pricing of lift tickets, lodging and restaurants and some go as far as to offer free skiing if you are 65+.  Most discount, we noticed, are particularly during the mid-week when boomers and seniors are more likely to hit the slopes.  

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Spunky seniors love to ski and will go anywhere to find the white stuff (snow).  But before heading out this ski season, make sure you’re well equipped for some fabulous skiing.  The number one item? Ski boots.  They should be very comfortable.  If they’re not, you’re in for a rough ski day or vacation.

As each year goes by, everything that has to do with skiing starts to upgrade for comfort, style and so has the boots.  Being fitted with the proper ski boot (Apex Ski Boots) is like a match made in heaven.  No more wrestling, straining, tugging, and grunting to get them on/off.  You don’t have to worry about aching feet and blisters once you’ve left the slopes for some apres skiing.  These boots were made for senior’s warmth, comfort, ski-ability, and walk-ability.  When the boots are off, you don’t even realize you had’em on.  Now, if you’re not into this type of boot, there’s always others. Take a look!  Many skiers find it easy to demo skis and not lug them around.  Especially the 50+ crowd.


YouthGenarians are true die-hard skiers and have skied for decades – so on the slopes, they have a need to look savvy at all times and this comes with wearing the latest apparel.  Older men, on the other hand, love to look good too, but love fast skiing and they do so with such great vitality.  They live life well, and know what they want, and they buy the best when it comes to skiing.  

YouthGenarians are so amazing to watch when they swoosh down the slopes.  Men like women brave the snow and the cold with the possibility of sustaining broken hips, cuts, bruises or to even to stop and scratch that familiar little itch.  That’s one good reason why the oldest skiers on the mountain are the most admirable ones — if not the best.  Don’t think of their bodies as decrepit – they stay fit and active well into their retirement and continue to live – ski run by ski run.  Remember, they have decades of deep powder skiing, not to mention the unbearable ice skiing with slushy spring moguls in the northeast.  


Savvy resorts are picking up on the trend of spunky seniors killing it on the slopes. Here are just a few.

 Free skiing for seniors (65+)New England ~ West ~ Canada ~ Skiing beautifully at 75 ~ Here are a few that’s senior-friendly


Videos of seniors GOING DOWNHILL and having fun!

“88-year-old George Jedenoff is an anomaly: He started skiing at the age of 40. He bought a lifetime pass to Alta in 1968 and hasn’t stopped skiing since.  “I drop about 10 years in age when I ski with the younger guys,” says Jedenoff”.

“We may look mild, but we’re wild,” — 75-year-old Bruce Sherman.”

If you are one of those spunky seniors and you know it, bring along your children and grandchildren and have a ball skiing some easy and expert terrain with deep powder.  Start skiing now and see you on the slopes!

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