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By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | December 2016

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Start the New Year off with something new.  Maybe dancing?

Whether it’s tap, hip-hop, swing, jazz, shuffle or ballroom.  One of these dances, or all, can be beneficial to your health.  Yes, we recognize that dancing is one more way to stay on top of your health.  Not only is it healthy, it’s a lotta fun.  Learn what it does to boosts your physical and emotional being.  

Aging and Dancing

No matter what age, we should never look at dancing as being just for the young. The new kids are on the block, the YouthGenarians – they use dance for special needs such as degenerative disorders Parkinson, Alzheimer, disabilities, as well as stress and anxiety.  It’s also another form of exercise to help you stay in shape.  Your butt and legs will thank you!

Where to Dance

Within your region and community, you should find locations that offer ‘learn to dance’ classes where you can sign up on the spot. Seniors are helping themselves to live and feel better just from dancing.  Don’t be shy because your two left feet won’t move or they’re moving in the wrong direction, there’s always the Internet with a FREE online swing dance class.  

Many 50+ are not dancers or don’t care to become a dancer, but for those who wish to learn how to dance, it’s never too late.  You can practice in the privacy of your home, and when you feel comfortable to hit the dance floor and show us what you’ve got, then find a partner, like your friends and even grand kids and show off your hard earned moves. 

Seniors Taking Over

Move over millennial.  When it comes to hip-hop ~ who said seniors and hip-hop don’t mix? Surprisingly, Guinness has a world record holder consisting of dancers aged 68 to 95.  Isn’t age just a number? You can read more about this hip-hop crew right here.  And if you don’t agree, you’re never too old to just shake it off because there’s something a bit more exciting.  

YouthGenarians, without a doubt, is literally taking dancing to a whole new level with the spunky disco and infused uptown Bruno Mars ~ funk music.  Watch! Video Disco fever.  And, forget about those two left feet, we have a new trend.  Look mom, no feet!  Island style.

Beginner dancers are so much fun to watch.  So, don’t fret, check this video out on how to start dancing and revel in all the complicated footwork.  You’ll be able to dance with your friends and grand kids when all is said and done.  Keep in mind, you don’t have to be perfect.  Just knowing how to start is more than sufficient to make you happy and healthy.  

39773736 - tap dance red paper sign on white backgroundMight you be interested?  What is it?  

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If these YouthGenarians can tap ~ we think you can too.  

Take a lesson right here and view Jacob Pillow Dance Interactive ~ from the 1930s until now, in the 21st Century. This just might give you the energy you need to bust some moves. We leave you with this ‘swing‘ number.


DISCLAIMER:  Please note: Some links and videos will take you off the Spunky Seniors Club’s site.  Therefore, we’re not responsible for the content.  Please consult with your doctor(s) before starting or engaging in any activities, dietary or medical changes.