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By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club®| February 2017

Cool or not?


Earrings can mean many things to many men including looking cool. It’s no joke they’re not trying to impress, but they just want to feel good with the jewel(s).  Why not ~ fashion is subjective, and the concept of men wearing earrings dates back many years ago when men were limited to what jewelry they can wear which consisted of a wrist watch and cuff links.  But in today’s 21st Century, we find many heterosexual spunky senior men are having it their way with flaunting their earrings and loving it.  So is the male gem craze jumping into the mainstream with spunky senior men? Men’s jewelry also has become more masculine since the days of Woodstock, and it’s hippies.  So much that they are wearing neck chokers ~ same as women.  An example: On NBC Today Show, Matt Lauer, journalist, and host of The Today Show, spoke about these chokers and oddly enough — he was shown wearing one.  Now, how cool is that?

You may have heard the expression that many years ago if a man wore his earring just in the right ear, it signaled that the man was gay.  Straight men were afraid to wear earrings because a straight student was caught up in a fight because they thought by him wearing the earring in his right ear that he was gay.  So let’s clear some of this up ~ according to StyleMic ~ in 1989 in Ebony, actor Philip Michael Thomas explained his decision to pierce, saying “I was 11 when […] I met a merchant marine who had a bald head and a gold hoop in his left ear. [He] explained that, in many places, particularly Africa, the wearing of an earring was the symbol of kings and royalty. I never forgot those magical stories.”

StyleMic goes on further to say that twenty years later, T Magazine repeated what is by now a familiar saying for some, “Left is right, and right is wrong,” (in this case, “wrong” being a euphemism for “gay.”) This cultural unease has spilled onto the Internet, filling it with anxious queries from straight men about which ear to pierce, whether to pierce, or how best to broadcast their heterosexuality via their facial jewelry.  Conversely, there are “which side?” requests from gay men looking to show off a little pride in their ear.  The nice part is, it seems to matter less and less.

We found in the Lewistown Journal a posting of a confused gentleman that says:


Well, as silly as it may sound, Landers had this to say in 1984 – a reader asked Landers what’s the significance of the left or right side for pierced ears especially in men.  While acknowledging that both straight and gay men have pierced ears, Landers also replied that for a gay man, a right-side earring was code that “he prefers to play the submissive role.” Subsequently, Landers posted a follow-up article where she shared letters from readers across the country confidently declaring disparate answers. It means a man is divorced and looking! It’s secret code among pacifists! Left means Democrat, right means Republican! Ha ha.  A good rule of thumb? Avoid pathologizing the piercing of a stranger.  Unless you’re the one sitting in the chair at Pagoda Piercing, it’s none of your business.

How old is too old for earrings? It’s totally a personal preference! So, if you like’em ~ rock’em.  


Men who wear earrings are reckoned to make good husbands because:

  • They have experienced pain
  • They have bought jewelry


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