Bring it on ~ It’s Time for the Outdoor


By: aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | March 2017

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Biking is Back!

It has been a long, brutal winter and we’re getting happy to know that Spring and Summer are just around the corner. It’s that time of year … time to get in shape or back in shape.  

Get out of the house and start stretching your legs and getting back on the road. How do we do that? Bicycling & Fishing!

If you’re someone age 50 plus considering trying out bicycling for the first time, or perhaps you just haven’t been riding a bike in a few years (or decades) ~ the perfect way to get started again is right here.  If you’re trying out a bicycle for the very first time, know that it can be tranquil, beautiful and in a car-free setting.

For those who don’t have a bike, start by taking a look at your typical conventional bicycles.  Since safety is a big concern recumbent tricyclefor most people 50+, many boomers and seniors feel terrified of falling off a bike.  One reason why we’re introducing you to different types of bikes.  The high-tandembikingperformance recumbent tricycles is a doozy to try out and so much fun to ride.  But listen up ~ if you’re a bit on the lazy side, there’s something even better ~ the electric bicycle.  You’d be surprised at how well these bikes work.  Have you heard of tandem biking? If you’re visually impaired or blind and still enjoy the outdoor, then the tandem bike is your baby.  But anybody can ride a tandem bike.  Read and learn the secrets of choosing a bicycle that’s perfect for you.  After gathering all of your information from the above, head on out to a road cycling camp for grownups, start cycling far away ~ or perhaps with a group? Check out these delightful, informative videos.

Free group cycling, just bring your bike! 

When you get tired of local biking and feel you’re ready for something big, two-wheel it with your friends along the Cascade Lakes Highway, a National Scenic Byway that zigzag through forests, lava fields, and lake-dotted valleys.  


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Time out for ice fishing.  Let’s get on the boat with some beer and go for the catch of the day! A good place to start would be checking out the fishing forecasts.  

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, New York State has some of the finest fishing in the country.  There is world class fishing for a wide variety of coldwater, warm water and saltwater fish species.  Whether it’s small mouth bass fishing on Lake Erie, brook trout fishing on a crystal clear Adirondack lake, Pacific salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, fishing for stripers on the Hudson River, brown trout fishing on the Beaver Kill or fishing for bluefish in Montauk’s surf, there’s something special here for everyone.  With more than 7,500 lakes and ponds, 70,000 miles of rivers and streams, and hundreds of miles of coastline, fishing opportunities are always nearby!  

For freshwater fishing, here are the guidelines and other considerations.  If you’re interested in winning a free fishing trip, enter here for a chance to fly fish on one of the most famous rivers in the world ~ The Henry Fork’s of The Snake River located in Eastern Idaho and part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Once a Fisherman? Watch.

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“I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work.” –Frank Lloyd Wright

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