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I love the spire!

I LOVE the Spire. I get so stressed out, and it causes me a lot of headaches. Using this has alerted me to when I’m too tense, and I need to take a break. It’s helping me realize when I need to relax before I get way too stressed out. I love it!

Almost Life Changing

This product was a 5-star for the first 10 days after I received it. The vibration to indicate that I was tensing up was very helpful, and I felt I had a great tool to keep my stress level at bay. Even better, I discovered specific activities that were adding to my stress that I had never suspected, mostly having to do with multi-tasking (listening to a book on audio while cooking, for example). I have a pretty demanding career, and thought that would be where most of my stress originated, but I found a lot of specific areas I could manage better, and it made a difference.

And then came the firmware update, and I ended up with no vibrations even when tension was detected, dropping the pairing repeatedly, etc. I’m guessing the reputedly excellent Spire support team had their hands full after that update because support took days to respond and did not respond with meaningful help. I even ordered a replacement device to see if the hardware had failed, but it was all the same. So… returning mine with a sigh.

I’ll definitely be back to try it again with my next phone. For reference, I was using the Spire paired with my Motorola Droid Turbo (Android).

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