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By:  aG | Spunky Seniors Club® | March 2017

Older men are learning to cook.  

One would ask? Who wants to cook when they get old? Well, believe it or not, most older men are learning to cook as a hobby and some because they just want to. But studies shows that men in their 70s and 80s don’t men-chef-1514505__340want to get into cooking because their balance is not steady at that age, and if you’re widowed – as most of the men are – it’s expensive cooking for one.  Besides, it’s not much fun eating by yourself.  

There’s a 96-year old man who is a self-taught cook from way back in the 1930’s who has been cooking all his life and loved it.  He would not have it any other way.  He’s very much alive and still kicking and cooking.  Being a self-taught cook while growing up back in the days; with every meal tasting delicious from the farm, fishing, and hunting, put a smile on his face each time he cooked.  His BBQ drew a crowd for his ever-loving baby-back ribs, chicken and burgers — he loved every minute of it.  WoW!

However, when older men retired, they became depressed because their social life had been focused predominantly around work.  Making that initial decision to enroll in a cooking class, was the hardest step for them. Most of them did it.

Dax Dubard, age 65, a Relationship Manager at Quiet Older Bank, is the youngest of eight men who chose to learn how to cook.  He had this to say ~ “I’ve now learned how to baked a cake! My wife will never believe it.  So here I am12382963 - portrait of smiling senior man cutting vegetables at kitchen counter holding a whole orange and almond sponge cake for my wife to see”. She was amazed at my progress in the cooking class.  Dax Dubard can’t quite believe the news himself.  He just baked a cake.  A few weeks ago he had barely used an oven – now Dax is producing all sorts of steaks, casseroles, stir-fry and baked salmon with confidence.

Many of these men in Daxs’ cooking class are widowed or caring for their sick wives.  Most men in their generation have never cooked before and would be too intimidated to go to a cooking class.  But what they don’t know is that it’s fun.
Dax indicated that he also learned to cook because if he ever found himself alone, that depending on others to provide meals for him ~  learning to cook was an option. 

In the cooking class, the first thing the men were taught, along with Dax of course, were the basic; like putting on gloves to open an oven, or chopping vegetables baking-gloves-1371964__340downwards rather than towards their hands. Here they are, in aprons and oven gloves, sautéing onions and whisking away the eggs while concentrating and enjoying every minute.  Fat sizzles, flour sifts, and delicious smells waft around.  Despite Dax’s almost mistaking the bouquet garni for a teabag, he succeeded at making a casserole and a cake in under two hours.

While in the cooking classes, these men are not alone –  they’re forming friendships and networking while getting a tasty, fresh, two-course meal that’s been cooked from scratch by them – this week they were served lamb curry, spinach and cheese pie, and smoked mackerel.
These classes enable them to be self-sufficient and independent in their homes but also get them out of the house and into the community they love.
Dax is hoping that one day there will be many culinary classes in senior communities designed specifically for older men ~ and that will promote healthy eating and mental well-being among YouthGenarian – people over-50+. 

Note:  In the mind of a man, the kitchen is an unfamiliar piece of territory ~ they thought it would be the last place they would be standing and cooking.  Chef Man Cave for men.








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