44 Lakes & Counting


By:  Member Charlie P. 

Let me tell ya a little bit about this charming piece of real estate called Fulton County in Upstate New York. It’s in the Southern part of the Adirondack Region, one of the 12 Regions of New York State.  While visiting this beautiful County, we discovered it is known for their 44 beautiful lakes which is one of their main attraction on the property, attracting people from all walks of life with their stunning wild forest.  One of the largest lake is The Great Sacandaga.  The other is the Caroga Lake, which is two lakes (East and West Caroga).  And another beautiful lake that, is open to the public, is called Pine Lake.

Fulton County is also home to many secluded lakes accessible only by foot. There are dozens of lakes just waiting to be explored. To name just a few; Ayers Lake, Bellows Lake, Broomstick Lake, Chase Lake, County Line, Dexter Lake and, Goose Egg Lake.

There’s so much more to do in Fulton County ~ especially for boomers and seniors. They are able to play, wander, relax or discover new things.  It’s their gateway to having fun and redefining themselves. You’ll find a wealth of culture, arts, boating and fishing.  

The lovely beaches, trails for hiking, and Biking are awesome. The camping and golfing will take your breathe away.  The winter activities are just as enticing such as snowshoeing, ice skating, snowmobiling and skiing.  You will not get bored with this collection of activities within all four seasons in Fulton County.   All year round, you’ll find a myriad of beauty for your enjoyment.  You’ll also find the richness in the History and museums; Performing arts and visual arts that are vital to the County.  If you love to hunt, well take capital-saratoga-love-ny-folder-011-150x150a look at the 74,832 acres of wild forest for hunting.  

The best part about this alluring County is the food.  Make sure you have an exercise plan in place because their food will blow you out of the water.  Accommodation: you can lean towards a great B&B or one of their vacation rentals.  Relaxation is to die for and make sure to bring your wallet for all the nice shopping.  Last but not least, is your craft beverages.  With all of these selections of great things to do in Fulton County, you should be very happy.

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