4 Ways for Active Seniors to Find Love This Spring



By:  Jason Lewis ~ Strongwell | May 2017 

After spending all winter huddled indoors with hot tea and television, you’re ready to get out and get moving now that warmer weather has arrived. The colder months can be tough for active people and can cause an affect on your mental health, and many re-emerge in spring, craving socialization after months of winter hibernation. If you’re single, you may be wondering about the best ways to incorporate your love of getting fit with your hunt for love. Rather than hoping you serendipitously run into Mr. or Ms. Right, try one of these four ideas for meeting people while staying active this spring.

Run or Walk a 5K Race

With more themed 5K races emerging every year, this popular race format has quickly grown to be about more than just running. Whether it’s a mud run or a color run, a themed 5K is sure to get participants relaxed and laughing, making it a great way to connect with fellow active singles.

Some cities actually host singles races. You can attend the Singles Run in Washington, D.C., Orlando, and Indianapolis, among other cities, and an organization called Love Me Run even holds 5K races that pair up runners with another eligible athlete they can run alongside and get to know.

Look for Senior Social Groups

Consider using an online network to find local groups that are specifically for seniors. Many of these groups can have a diverse range of interests, and it’s the perfect way to meet other singles who share your hobbies. These types of groups are all about bringing people together for socialization and fun, and you can easily look for existing groups in your area. Once you join as a member, be sure to maintain an active role. By choosing a group that offers activities of your interests, you’re more likely to stay involved.

Join a Swimming or Cycling Club

If you live near a city, you can likely find swimming and bicycling clubs around town, and either club can be a perfect way to meet other single seniors. While you can always join a more formal swimming or bicycling group, active social groups associated with breweries or churches tend to be more relaxed and less competitive. You can find swim clubs here that incorporate goals other than competition – like charitable giving and socializing – to take pressure off performance and put it on fun.

Volunteer Your Time

If you have a few free hours to spare every month, volunteering can be a great way to pursue something you care about, beef up your resume, and meet new people. Plus, most volunteer tasks involve a good amount of being on your feet, whether you’re cleaning up a river or volunteering with children. And with over 20 percent of older adults engaged in volunteer work, you’re likely to run into other singles who share your passion. However, your odds of meeting a partner vary depending on the field you volunteer in: Religious organizations account for the largest proportion of senior volunteers, followed by social services.

If your city has one, a great option is a philanthropic social group geared toward seniors. These groups will put on charity events and host social gatherings just for members, making them an excellent way to develop lasting relationships with other socially conscious adults.

Everyone knows that meeting people in your 60s and 70s can be tough. When online dating is a quagmire of bad matches and high-energy professional lives leave little time for fraternizing,  finding ways to meet other singles can seem like a daunting task. By using your hobbies and interests as a vehicle for getting to know likeminded singles, you can find a special someone who shares your passions in a laid-back, no-pressure setting.

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