What’s Happening in May 2017!

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May is:


National Appreciation Month.  The month of May is characterized by six national observances which highlight the contributions of those who have served.  Take a look here.


National Nurses WeekNational Nurses Week begins each year on May 6 and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. These permanent dates enhance planning and position National Nurses Week as an established recognition event. Click here.

May 12, 2017


Spouse’s Day is a time to enjoy and appreciate your better half. You can use this day as a prelude or warm up to Valentine’s Day, perhaps. But, its not as much of a gift giving event. Rather, use it as a time to show your spouse that you care and appreciate all of the things that he/she does for you and for the household. Over the long years of a relationship, its easy to take for granted the many things your spouse does. He/she’s always there. They do so many big and little things as a routine event. So, take today to notice and to say thanks. As for the “enjoyment” part of the day…we will leave that up to you to enjoy your spouse however the two of your desire….

Military Spouses Day is a day to recognize and honor the real backbone of the military….. the spouses of our soldiers. This day recognizes the contributions made by military spouses to the spirit and well being of soldiers and military communities. Where would military moral be without their spouses behind them?

 dontforgetMother’s Day on May 14, 2017

Make Mom feel Special!

Brunch at Home

Make mom and a few of her friends a traditional brunch to commemorate Mother’s Day.   If you feel you’d rather stay-at-home then ~  make a quiche from scratch. Serve with a simple tossed salad and some fruits. You can wrap-up the brunch with a Mother’s day dessert, some Mimosas, Bloody Marys or tea and coffee. Take a stroll with mom and her guests afterward and walk down memory lane by thumbing through some old photo albums.

Tea Party for Mom

While the guys are off golfing, schedule a fantastic old-fashion ladies-only tea party for mom on Mother’s Day. Schedule it from mid to late afternoon.  Have a variety of teas and Sasko tea biscuits.  You may want to include, some bite-size sandwiches, and fruits.  You may consider giving your mom’s guests a little gift, a nonboring dainty snack box that is low in calories or shoot for a “no mess” teacup.  The brunch can be served buffet style giving your mom and guests plenty of time to chat and enjoy each other’s company.  One good idea to keep the conversations going is to ask the guests to bring a favorite tea cup and share in the history with them.  Using different tea cups can be fun. (make sure the cup matches the saucer).

Not Into Entertaining?

A great suggestion is to take mom on a shopping spree at an upscale department store or boutique.  Some place she wouldn’t usually  go.  You might even consider getting mom the service of a personal shopper.  When all is said and done, you can complete the day with a breathtaking lunch or dinner at a little chichi bistro. OR you just might want to do dinner and a movie ~ that always works well for Moms!

49165568 - this is red tag vector background did you knowThe voice of Mickey Mouse married the voice of Minnie Mouse.  Take a look!


AND did you know that you can take Napercise Classes? Well, if you belong to this Gym overseas you can!

Doesn’t appear we have them here in the good ole USA! Would be nice!

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