Cruising is the Lifestyle


By:  Pearl Preston  | for Spunky Seniors Club® |


For anyone who is into cruising, it is a lure for any age group, but especially conducive for people over 50 plus, retirees, and seniors. Economically, you get more bang for your buck, along with luxury, rest, and relaxation at your fingertips, not to mention the invigoration of fresh sea air and various exotic ports of call. Whether you opt for a Caribbean, Mediterranean, or Alaskan cruise, excitement awaits you, and once you have taken your first cruise, you will probably want to make plans for a future cruise immediately upon disembarking from the ship.  


For those of us living in the Northeast, especially the 12 Regions of NYS, the best time to begin looking for a cruise is after Christmas and after the New Year.  If you’re a spontaneous person and can take off at the last minute, take advantage of discounted sailings and last minute deals.

One of my favorite websites is where you can find a myriad of cruises, sometimes spectacular prices, with the availability of major cruise lines, plus 6.0 rated companies like Oceania or Silversea.  If it’s Europe or the Baltic you are interested in, frequently offer VIP packages that include airfare from major American cities (those living in New York State can certainly benefit), with overnight stays at a hotel, transfers to and from the ship, taxes, etc.

Ordinarily, the busiest hub for cruises to tropical locales is Fort Lauderdale, and even busier is Miami.  However, in recent years, ports have opened up from New York City, Boston, Bayonne, N.J. If you want to have an initial cruise experience without visiting too many ports, sailing out of New York can take you to Maine and up to Canada.  There is also a popular New England cruise in late September/October for those wishing to see the beauty of the changing of the leaves; for adventurous souls, sail out of New York and into the beautiful country of Iceland.  For those residing in a Gulf State or on the Pacific Coast, you have your own ports of departure, with proximity to Alaska, Asia, and of course the Hawaiian Islands.

These days, it’s the thing to build mega cruise ships, where you will find a city within a city, along with water surfing, wall-climbing, or veranda rooms that overlook a lined street or park, and for a minute, you can imagine being right back in your own city-neighborhood, except you are out at sea.  Free-style cruising is also a new concept where you no longer are assigned an eating time and table, and dinner is not so formalized.  However, if you are a person who likes routine and a schedule for meals, a cruise line like Holland America may be to your liking as it is geared towards an older crowd, early and later dining times are available, plus having very few children aboard. On the other hand, a cruise line like Carnival is stereotypically labeled a party ship, while other ships tend to sport sophistication and formality. Whatever suits your style!



There are too many wonderful facets of cruising to mention in this one article alone, but if you have considered taking one in the past and have procrastinated, don’t wait any longer.  

Spring is here, and a Mediterranean cruise may be just the thing to get rid of those blahs, winter blues and all the rain, wind and storms.



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