Many Uses of Sandpaper!

DIY Tips with Sandpaper

How to speed up your seeds to sprout


If you have seeds such as peas, cilantro, and lupines that are  coated on the surface, you should slightly dull the surface using a very-fine- sandpaper or even a pumice. This will help the seeds to absorb water better and to start growing.

Slugs inundating your Garden?

slug-2234147__340We found many ways to fight these invertebrates but the reality is – no single thing does the trick.  You can control them from eating your garden though.  Sandpaper?

Wooden Cutting Boards

chopping-board-1917996__340Wooden boards can be a hotbed for germs.  A good way to clean the boards is to use sandpaper to sand them down along with some mineral oil to keep the wood soft and shiny.  You can also do the same with your wooden utensils.  Sanding yearly is sufficient.

Sharpen Scissors

6099601 - sharpening knives, scissors and other cutting instruments with this device

When scissors become dull, they can be annoying and dangerous. Don’t throw them away, there’s help.  Simply use dull scissors and cut through some fine-grain sandpaper.  Not only will it sharpen the scissors, it will also help remove any sticky residue on your scissors.

Removing Grout Stains

groutstains-1373189__340To get rid of dirty stains on your grout ~ sandpaper.  Sandpaper seems to be the king of all hard cleaning.  If you want to spiff up the grout, cover the glazed surfaces with tape, and apply a sealant once the grout is clean.

Increase Your Shoe’s Traction

hiking-shoes-2153851__340 If you’re slipping and sliding in your leather-soled shoes, use heavy-grit sandpaper to scuff them up.

Keep Pleats in Place

pleat-1137008__340A small piece of sandpaper underneath a pleat will help keep it intact when you’re ironing.

Make Your Suede as Good as New

suede-shoes-1771822__340Gently rub fine-grit sandpaper, and then brushing with an old toothbrush will help remove scuff marks and ink stains from suede.

Remove Rust From Tools & Knives

pliers-1281885__340Sandpaper will help bring your rusty tools and knives back to life. The coarser the sandpaper, the less time it will take, but with coarser grains be very careful and not to scratch the tools.

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