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Who are the Spunky Seniors?

First, the meaning of being Spunk.y  ~ it’s not what you think.  It’s Courageous and Determined.

Spunky Seniors Club® was started by the 50 plus crowd with the aim to have fun, stay healthy and make the most of life, rather than stay on the sidelines.  It was designed for the newly retired and actively employed boomer and seniors and offers the opportunity to expand horizons by exploring new and unique interests, achieve lifelong objectives, set a new pace for life and recharge.

Since launching the site, we have come to learn that people age 50 and over do not like being called a senior or for that matter, a boomer.  So the Founder and Owner of the Spunky Seniors Club® coined the word YouthGenarian ~ (pronounced YOUTH-Jen-AIR-Ree-An) which is the 50 plus.  What is the meaning of a YouthGenarian? It is someone who doesn’t live by the numbers ~ someone who maintains a fresh approach to life combined with a refined sense of style that only comes with age.  It meets the need of a whole new segment of society that few other sites address: vital, engaged older adults in search of education, friendship, entertainment, housing, travel, companionship, guidance, and community.  YouthGenarians offers a fresh take on what it means to be 50+ and to transform a lifetime of experience, enthusiasm, and creativity. 

Our website is an evolving site that meets the needs of active and non-active YouthGenarians.  Our goal is to grow SSC into the premier website for the 50+ community through strategic and tactical leadership, and attract members who are motivated to stay youthful and very healthy — til death do us part!

“aging should be a continued state of development and growth, rather than a period of decline,” – Dr. Bill Kline

Whether you’re still working or not, your mind and body are healthy – and able to participate in such physical activities such as exercise classes, road trips, hiking, walking, cycling, tennis, golf and so much more.  Let’s push us to overcome the old image of a senior status and redefine what it means to be 50 plus.  You can do it! 

Spunky Seniors Club® is an indispensable One-Stop Resource for YouthGenarians!  It’s FREE to JOIN!

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 June is National Soul Food Month and a Video of National Soul Food 

 Summer begins June 21, 2017 

➔ June 25th is NYC LGBTQ Gay Pride March

Best summer events all through the summer

June Holidays – Doubling The Fun

Let us tell you about a whole set of lesser-known holidays during the month of June, and the over 50 crowd just might be some of the very best celebrants.

  • Harry Truman set aside June 14 as Flag Day.  Fly your flag or return worn out flags to the American Legion or Boy/Girl Scouts of America where they will burn the flags in a formal ceremony on June 14th.
  • June 17 is National Eat Your Vegetable Day.  Combine this with International Picnic Day for a twofer.
  • June 18 begs for a picnic because it’s International Picnic Day. Read about some ideas in the section below.
  • June 19 is World Sauntering Day. It’s not as if you need permission to walk leisurely without a real purpose, but it’s much more fun if it’s a holiday!
  • Saturday, June 20 marks the Summer Solstice, and the day with the longest hours of sunlight. Throw a celebration that enjoys every minute of the late-day sunlight, wrap up with a bonfire and stargazing.
  • Plan for next year and take a trip to Stonehenge and take the Summer Solstice Tour.
  • National Onion Rings Day is June 22 (but you didn’t hear it here!)

SSC Business of the Month 

Excellent Links to check out!

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“Recipes are like dating services; they never end up looking like the picture” – Maxine

DISCLAIMER:  Please note: Some links will take you off the Spunky Seniors Club’s website.  Therefore, we’re not responsible for the content.  Videos are for entertainment only.  Please consult with your doctor(s) before starting or engaging in any activities, dietary or medical changes.