Thinning & Gray Hair



By | Writer: Eric Turner  |  18 Year Old College Student  |  June 2017 

As we get older, changes in our hair are almost and always inevitable. Some lucky people will take a full and colorful head of hair to their grave, but it’s much more common that your hair will grow gray and thin as you age.  There are typically two responses to this: shame and pride. How did you, or will you, respond?

Shame isn’t objectively wrong – this is all about opinion, so there are no real answers.  Shame is kind of silly, though.  Again, going gray is a part of life for virtually everyone.  Being ashamed of your hair color is like being ashamed of breathing, or waking up in the morning.

Pride is the best possible response, as going gray can come with a little bit of swagger.  Hair is often seen as a vanity, much like fashion.  Because of this, it already isn’t a worry for many people.  Some don’t take pride or much care in their appearance.  If you’re reading this article, however, that is likely not you.

As similar as your feelings about your hair are to your feelings about your clothes, there is one significant difference: it’s easy to change your clothes.  Your hair, on the other hand, is much more too difficult to alter.  Of course, you can cut it in different ways, and you can even dye it.  These all wear off, though.

Your hair will always be your hair, and you should love it just the same.  Many of the most truly admirable people alive are very confident in graying.  Regardless of your political views, Barack Obama is an excellent example of this.  When he was inaugurated for the first time in 2009, Obama’s hair was an obsidian black.  In the eight years, he was in office, more and more splotches of gray seemed to grow in.  As president, it likely would have been easy for him to get it dyed.  Furthermore, he was one of the most visible people on Earth.  Every news station was showing his face every day.  However, Obama took the grays and ran.

In many ways, gray hair is a symbol of growing old.  This can cause a lot of insecurity – it’s like a second puberty.  What we must accept, though, is that our age will continue to grow and our body will continue to change.  There is no stopping it.  So, you can turn your back and be ashamed of it, or you can accept your fallibility.  You can wear your humanity on your head, and likely be better off for it.

And if you’re going gray early, that’s even better.  Maturity is in right now.  It seems everyone from 18 to 28 is looking for an older partner, and gray hair can make you look more sophisticated.

As far as thinning hair, it may be a little harder to control.  More inevitability for men, and it’s also common for women.  If going bald isn’t your thing, there are more than enough options available to you for getting that thickness back.  The leader in this area, by far, is Rogaine.  FDA-approved and known to work; you really can’t go wrong with it.  Of course, practicing good hair care can combat this as well.  It can be difficult to know what is exactly right for your hair, though, so consider talking to your doctor, or even your barber or beautician.

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