July 2017: Newsletter

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  • NYC Happenings on July 4th
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  • Got Skills?
  • SSC Business of the Month
  • Excellent Links to check out!
  • Did You Know?
  • Magnets & Marbles ~ Enjoy!  

Where to watch the 4th of July fireworks in NYC!


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Fresh Maine Lobster Festival


A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour


 Buffalo, New York’s Taste of Buffalo tasteofbuffalologo

NYC Ballet Performing in Saratoga, NY


US Water Ski Show


Got skills? Express them and get noticed!


  • Writing ~ write articles, blogs, product reviews and tidbits.
  • Photography ~ send us your favorite pics from this brutal winter (limited 2 per person), and we’ll post them on the site.
  • Pets ~ show your pets to the world.  Submit an image and qualify for Pet of the Month.  To qualify, you must be a registered member of the SSC.  It’s easy and free to register right here!

Articles, blogs, product reviews, and tidbits are chosen at random to appear in our monthly newsletter and website.  All writings should be appropriate for the SSC.  All credits will be signed off as first name and last name initials unless stated otherwise.  All you have to do is discover the skills you have that may benefit other spunky seniors, as well as our audience, and submit via info@spunkyseniorsclub.com for approval. 

Let your article become the Article of the Month, and you just might get discovered!

SSC Business of the Month 


Excellent Links to check out!

A taste of the South

Men Hitting the BIG 5 0

Technology and YouthGenarians Just loving it

Did you know [Use]

11% of people are left handedleft hand-1299163__340

Keep your mind business with this fascinating maze game!


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