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If you’re reading this Millennials ~ Keeping in shape in the Hudson Valley, NY is the greatest! Take a look! 

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Bike New York and have fun on these bike trails!

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Calling ALL men ~ If you are a golfer, this is for you! Hang out in Saugerties, NY and play eight holes!  And you can become a member. 

August is Time Out Battle of the Burgers in NYC presented by Budweiser. Get your tickets today!





Thursday, August 10 at 5:30–7:30pm and 8:30–10:30pm, Pier 26 (Hudson River between N Moore and Hubert Sts).

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August 21, 2017 is the Total Solar Eclipse ~ 25 Facts you should know!

WJHL – NASA has created a map that allows you to zoom in and see when the eclipse starts where you are.

According to the NASA map, the partial solar eclipse can be viewed in the Tri-Cities region tand it will have an obscuration of 96.9%. That’s not totality, but it’s pretty darn close.

You can zoom in on a Google map, even down to your address, and see when the eclipse starts and reaches its maximum. It will even show you down to the second.

Check out the map by clicking here.

The maximum totality of the eclipse will last 2 – 3 minutes depending on where you are.  The partial solar eclipse will last about 3 hours. 


Explore Upstate New York Camping

NY State Festival of Balloon

25th Annual Italian Experience Festival 

Ulster County Fair

2017 Cattaraugus County Fair

Our SSC Business of the Month

#ICYMI Links to check out!

Men Hitting the Big 50

Technology and YouthGenarians ~ just loving it

Auto Insurance ~ Are you Covered

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Levy’s little history of the “studs”.  

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The purpose of that little pocket is obvious to any Wild West cowboys or 19th-century gold miners reading this. It’s where you kept your pocket watch when jeans were first invented. [Images by Getty] 

The “studs” ~ When Levi Strauss made his first pair of jeans, it was a pretty common problem for the seams of the trousers to tear due to the stress being put on them by the workmen and miners who wore them.

The rivets just exist to strengthen the trousers at the most conspicuous spots.


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