2017: Pet of the Month

Pet at a Glance

Pets: JuLian, a Purbred ChowChow

Age: 10

Location: Woodstock, NY/NYC


Meet JuLian: For the past ten years, JuLian has been our wonderful pet.  Though he was bought as a show dog, he could not be shown due to major hip surgery.  A triple osteotomy.  He survived this surgery with flying colors at 5 months of age.   He had physical therapy for over two months to strength his muscles in his legs.  He was a trooper and still is.


Watch Dog On the job: He is a great watch dog. When he barks, I listen.  He only barks if he sees or hears something.  He’s spot on.


Favorite thing to do: JuLian loves to sleep.  Chows are like cats and they do tend to sleep a lot.  He loves the cold tiles on the floor.  When we think it’s too cold, he loves it.  He understands English oh so well.  When I am talking about going to the mall, you’ll hear him moan like he’s saying ok, let’s go.  Instead, he’ll come to me ready to get in the car. When in the car, he starts to give me some humbug.


Break time: JuLian loves to go outside and sniff around.  He’s always smelling something.  When the weather is great, he loves to be out on the deck ~ where if a deer or any other animals approaches the yard, he’ll send them packing.


Could your pet be a Pet of the Month? We’re looking for all kinds of pets — cats, dogs, hamsters, turtles, fish, etc. — so pet owners let’s see your pets and tell us your pet’s story.

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