About the Forum

About the
The Spunky Seniors Club® Community Forum

The forum is meant as a place for you to connect with existing friends and to create new friends. It is a community for you to connect with people and also find people that have similar interests with you. It acts similar to other social networking sites such as Facebook and allows you to publicly or privately post to other people. You can find other people with similar interests by exploring other people’s profiles or by joining groups. We hope you enjoy this networking tool and have an excellent journey on our forum connecting with others! Here are some other features that the forum provides:

Anyone can join as a member, membership and access to the forum is free. You will not be subscribed to any mailing lists by signing up for the forum. Your “business is our business”To sign up for our mailing list, please fill out the form in the right sidebar. To become a member of our and forum now click here!

Extended Profiles
Create your profile with your username, name, contact information, profile picture, cover photo and fill out information you would like to share with others. You can control what you share by individually changing the privacy settings for each area of information. Before creating your profile, you must register as a member first, click here, if you are not already a member and would like to sign-up.

Friend Connections
Connections can be established through members. Add friends and accept friendship requests. Track activities of friends or friends of friends. Each member has a list of friends on the site that he/she chooses to accept. Find new friends with similar interests by any link in each member’s profile field.

Internal Messaging
Send and receive private emails from members in your friends list within your private messaging panel. All members have their own individual Inbox, Sent box, and Drafts folder. Members will be notified of new messages.

Stay informed on the latest news through email notifications and get notifications when your friends mention your user name (@username) in their posts.

Activity Streams
See personal, group and sitewide activities. Included is threaded style commentating, favoring posts, @username mentions throughout the website, along with email notifications and status updates

User Groups
Gather friends together by creating a public, private or hidden group and become the group admin. The group admin can also approve requests to join the private group, invite friends to a hidden group, establish communications among members, extend privileges to other members, and enable new features within the group, among others.

Privacy Settings
Participation and all information provided by you in the forum is optional. You can choose to close your forum account and update notification and privacy settings at any time. Many of the fields in the forum are optional for you to provide information, you can change the visibility of each item on an individual basis at any time simply by logging into your account and updating your profile.

This forum is secured and monitored by the website administrator. The website administrator can revoke your forum membership for any of the following reasons, but not limited to, spamming, bullying, harassment, inappropriate comments, unauthorized account access, etc. If you suspect one or more of these issues are occurring, please contact info@spunkyseniorsclub.com immediately.