I am aG Val JuLian, a spunky senior and I split my time between Woodstock NY and NYC. I am the Founder/Owner of the Spunky Seniors Club®.

I have retired from the medical field and now is a self-made seniorPreneur.  My focus is on living an active lifestyle, and to pursue my challenging activities on a regular basis such as skydiving, car racing, rock climbing, boating, yoga, and world skiing.  I am also an advanced certified scuba diver and skier who has skied all over the US and Europe, including heli-skiing.

spunk·y ~ ˈspəNGkē/ ~ Courageous and Determined. “a spunky performance.”

I am the original YouthGenarian ~ (pronounced: YOUTH-Jen-AIR-Ree-An), and it is someone who doesn’t live by the numbers ~ it is someone who maintains a fresh approach to life combined with a refined sense of style ~ that only comes with age. 

It’s a term coined by me to meet the needs of a whole segment of society that few other sites address: vital, engaged older adults in search of education, friendship, entertainment, housing, travel, companionship, guidance and community).  I want to offer a fresh take on what it means to be 50+ without being called a boomer or senior in the 21st Century — and to transform a lifetime of experience, enthusiasm, and creativity into an evolving site that would meet the needs of you, the active 50+ YouthGenarians.

My goal is to grow SSC into the premier website for the 50+ community through strategic and tactical leadership, and attract members who are motivated to stay youthful and very healthy ~ til death do us part!

aging should be a continued state of development and growth, rather than a period of decline,” – Dr. Bill Kline


“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”  Aristotle

A very active spunky senior

St Anton, Austria

Cold Water Divingimageedit_2_8866751924

On Tarmac

Skydiving at Skydive the Ranch