AMMG is unique to the Capital District because we are the only facility that truly integrates medical, physical therapy and chiropractic in one setting. We take pride in giving each patient the individual attention they need to reach optimal health and wellness.

An initial assessment is performed to determine each patient’s individual needs. A thorough history and physical is performed. Based on the individual’s condition, x-rays may be taken on site, as well as state of the art range of motion and muscle testing, and, if appropriate, nerve integrity may be assessed by performance of EMG/NCV (Electromyelography/Nerve Conduction Velocity) testing.

Our experienced therapists are able to provide an extensive variety of services, ranging from passive modalities (Ultrasound, electric stimulation, hot and cold packs) to manual therapies (stretching, joint mobilization, myofascial release). Our long term goal is restoration or optimization of function through an individualized rehabilitation program.

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1694 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12205