Q: Why should I become a member of the Spunky Seniors Club®?

A: With FREE membership, the sky is the limit. You can improve your health, add fun and excitement to your life! Unlimited access to an assortment of information and businesses that offer you special discounts.

Q: Can I get these discounts by visiting the business sites directly?

A: In some cases, yes in most cases you get added benefits by being a member of the Spunky Seniors Club®

Q: Can anyone join the Spunky Seniors Club®?

A: Yes, we have things for those who are active and non-active from all walks of life.

Q: You say, “Discover Great New Adventures”, can you tell me more?

A: If your interests include golfing, tennis, camping, fine dining, weekend getaways, discover them by browsing through our categories.

Q: I know a business I think would be good for you to include in Spunky Seniors Club®  . . . How can I get the information to you?

A: Send an email: businessmgr@spunkyseniorsclub.com OR the business may go directly to the Spunky Seniors Club® Homepage and sign-up.

Q: As a business owner, why do I need Spunky Seniors Club?

A: For a fraction of the cost of one digital ad, and an ad in a magazine or in the newspaper, we give you full exposure to one of the largest groups of consumers that are driving the economy within our demographics.

Q: One of the links doesn’t work, whom can I notify?

A: Contact: webmaster@spunkyseniorsclub.com